Thursday, 30 October 2008

What is Drama in the community

Is this working with the community?
Is this working for the community?
Is this not working at all?
What is a community?

SO many questions to be answered and hopefully throughout this course something can be answered. To me this course is a chance to work with a group/groups within a community be that a school, prison, old people's home, hospital, local council, youth groups or anything else considered a "Community". To say work with these groups almost sounds endearing, setting up a project or work towards an outcome sounds scary. More questions and probably a bit of panic comes to mind, who, what, where, how, when and with whom of my fellow students to accomplish this task with, will I succeed or will I fail? As a person I'm not one to really to worry about a set project as I'm a positive, person who tackles the task to the best of my abilities, but in this first log I'm not really coming across that way. I have to be honest I'm not really too sure what to write on this first post as I've never published my thoughts and feelings publicly, so I'm going to leave it as being slightly confused on the whole thing and hopefully shed some more light on to the area after speaking to people who work with communities getting information on what sort of area I would like to look in to.