Thursday, 15 January 2009

Ideas for the project

Although I'm not part of the creative part of our community drama piece, I did come up with some ideas resulting from a documentary that I saw on TV recently. I feel that if we are reaching out to an audience of Primary children I think that we need to have a topic that will grab their attention. A possibility that we could use is to capture and explore their imaginations, taking them away from their day to day occurrences. I personally feel that children today have not engaged fully with their imagination, by this I think other more influential aspects of today's society have dominated what children do and think today, I feel that their imagination is not being used to its full potential which is a shame because sometimes their ideas are really good and original. I then had three ideas that formed in to my head based on fairy tales:

1) Taking the idea from Shrek. Where all the fairytale creatures were banished from their homes. We could take a journey around the site putting the fairytale creatures back in to their original homes.

2) One book that really stood out was Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree. With this I was thinking that this really challenges the imagination and tells enchanted stories so it could be a good choice to choose from, maybe might be worth a read.

3) The last idea I had was to tell fairytale creatures or Disney characters stories that didn't play major roles in the traditional tales that we are all too familiar with.

These were just a few ideas that I had, they might be pointless but it was just something I was thinking about.


Rosie said...

a couple of us from the creative team went to the site the other day and this is what we sort of said as well. We want to take the children on a quest or adveture and realy capture their imaginations!

Mark Griffin said...

It's also really important to realise that the quest or adventure is also a right of passage. What will have changed for the characters, and by participation the audience, between the first moment and the play's ending? What do you want them to understand at the end that they might not have done at the beginning?