Thursday, 15 January 2009

Word Block

I have to admit I haven't written on my blog for ages. This could be for many reasons. One I feel as though I didn't have anything interesting to write about. Another was not having anything to relate back to the work of Drama in the Community. Another could be deliberately putting off publishing my ideas for fear that people would laugh at me or think I'm stupid. This I think could be a problem with society, British people are stereotypical known for complaining. We complain about transport, politics, food, size, fashion, music, drinking, smoking, anything that affects us personally. Yet ironically we as a nation don't really do much about it, take the example of queuing in a line for a bus. We queue in an orderly fashion and complain that you have to wait for the bus that its taking forever to arrive, yet still insist on waiting to get to their final destination instead of walking there. My point is that it is easier to come up with an excuse rather than admitting fault and trying to resolve the problem, and I think this occurred to me so I'm trying to put it right and do things without worrying what other people might think, hence 'grab the bull by the horns' so they say and write for the sake of writing, even if its only important to me.


CAROLINA said...

Think you describe very well english culture in this entry. Once we spot the problem it becomes much easier to solve. Walk, don't wait for the bus.

Mark Griffin said...

The fear of being laughed at is pretty real... but it's the mostliberating thing in the world if you can overcome it. Henry Ford, who kind of invented the car, once said

'The person who didn't make a mistake didn't make anything!'

I think it's absolutely true (apart from in my case, of course, because I'm perfect!)