Monday, 23 March 2009


Spring is traditionally linked with the idea as new beginnings, fresh starts, new promises, new wardrobes, new baby lambs and rabbits and the chance to look forward to Easter. Originally Spring was called Lent, however it is know called Spring incorporating spring clean, spring chicken and spring new wardrobe. Looking at the last winter where snow prevented life, Spring offers hope and the start of life, offering a sense of things can only get better and to adopt a optimistic stance on life and your surroundings. Fresh new beginnings, fresh new promises either to yourself, work or a new regime that you are convinced will work. It amazes me that so many people are determined to lead a healthier life style, and this got me thinking why aren't today's society leading a healthy lifestyle in the first place, why are we punishing our bodies with bad food, smoking and drinking and not exercising enough. I have always maintained that I believe I live a fairly healthy life style. I play a lot of sport which keeps me at a relative healthy fitness level. I try to eat healthy but I eat items that I like in a reasonable amount also with a even balance to how much exercise I injure,I have also been blessed with a fast metabolism which allows me to eat almost anything (even naughty items such as take away food or excessive amounts of alcohol) resulting in not putting that much weight on. I must strees that obviously my weight doesn't stay the same I am not a bionic woman however it has never troubled me. However it does annoy me when individuals are convinced that they are too overweight and need to go on a diet. This word DIET is a terrible one linked with a celebrity lifestyle, and the media that are trying to tell the majority of the nation that this is the way to live. I disagree! If you are happy within yourself then you don't have to change it to match the size and shape of the latest top model on the catwalk. People are always going to try and aspire to other individuals that is just normal because for some bizarre reason we as a society are not happy with who we are. Which leads me back to my original point of why are people punishing themselves, I have never said I was a psychologist so this is purely my opinion. I think the problem is that people try to aspire to other individuals but fail so they punish themselves because they can't change into Jennifer Aniston over night.The grass isn't always greener on the other side. You are always going to have friends that are better looking than you, slimmer than you, more quirky than you, dress better than you, have more money than you, age better than you and this is where I think society is going wrong. Everyone is unique, different have their own personalities this is what distinguishes us from the person next to us and individuals need to appreciate themselves more otherwise there will be a rise of depressive people in Britain and everyone will be miserable.

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