Friday, 27 March 2009

Rehearsal time

So the time has come to end our workshops and put all the ideas that we as a company have collected and create a performance. Those who wanted to act had to audition and Director's were chosen. It all sounds like a lovely idea and we as "The Golden Travellers" were really excited to begin. A rough storyline is put together and the actor's improvise scenes under the watchful eyes of our director's to produce what we think is amazing piece of performance work. This is a learning curve for all of us as none of the company has performed or had a major role to participate in one of these previous productions. Our director's are new to directing and some of our company have never worked together on a performance before, so adding to that small factor comes the task of working together helping and supporting one another to finalize the whole production. I think it has taken a while for the group dynamics to settle. It has also given one another to relax and trust each other's opinion and to approach any situation in a sensitive manner that it needs to be addressed with. I find it really interesting that we as a company have had the opportunity to include our own idea's through improvisation which has really allowed the group to connect to the best that they can. The show must go on and it will with determination of our brilliant company.

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