Friday, 24 April 2009

Fundraiser night

We are all very excited to partake in our fundraiser night held in our Students Union. The night is to promise a fun and enjoyable time with an Egyptian theme going through the whole of the event. There will be palm reading, telling you your future happiness. Taro card readings leaving up to fate what the future has to offer you. Henna tattoos so that for a night or few days you can have an image imprinted almost like a token of the great night you had spent. There is also fire dancing.

So with all these activities happening all in one night nothing can go wrong surely!!! Well on the night in question the plan was simple get to the SU for 4.30pm to set up everything for the night, have dinner then get dressed in your fancy dress outfit. The possibilities of fancy dress were endless and the creative flair took over, however putting ideas into reality then gave another perspective. Those who were game dress up head to toes in Egyptian attire and others like myself went a long to help out and make sure everyone else was having fun. The night in question had a running programme for the whole night and each individual had there own role for the whole night to be a success. When it came down to practice should I say it didn't quite work like that. Some members of our company did not pull muster, making it seem that they were not committed to the overall outcome. This could probably be because they did not attend the initial meeting for finalising the event and probably because they did not help set up for the night ahead, meaning that they did not really know what was going on. However the night was a success we raised a few pounds (well over £300) for our performance at the end and although having a dodgy belly dancing routine thrown in, it was a good laugh that was enjoyed by all. Over the years the Drama department has always put on good skits for the SU and successful drama performances and having our little fundraising event just shows that our company lived up to the expectations of the Drama department standards.

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