Monday, 11 May 2009

Time has literally flown by. It is coming to the end of our academic year, handing in work and worrying about he rehearsals have been in steady progression now for quite some time and as we are slowly bringing it all together we as a company realise that little details of our performance need to change. Our overseer and fountain of all knowledge on the matter (mainly as he has already done one of these productions so has more experience)lecturer gave a slight twist on the proceedings which gave a fresh new light on to looking at the performance in a way that we will engage the audience (our faithful children who participated in the workshops) at a level that they will enjoy and interact in. The performance consists of 4 different tribes all trying to save their small land from devastation of having no laughter or jokes for the rest of their life. The quest will then take the children around and with their help and knowledge (as I said before don't underestimate how a child's mind works) they will complete the task restoring the land of Kalku back to what it used to be. This magical quest is hopefully going to capture the minds of the children giving them an insightful and imaginative world that may or may not exist beyond their existence. There has be times when situations or problems arose during the ongoing proceedings, including someone being asked to leave the company due to unforeseen circumstances and commitment to the overall project, and also the slight change in script. The script has opened up an opportunity for everyone to be included which is also a really nice way to keep up the spirit within the group. Considering that this is my first production at university (all be it my choice) I do have some reservations within my own ability to perform well. I think my reservations stem for the fact that I will let my company down and also be a disappointment to the children who are watching. This is a personal battle that I will have to overcome and it mostly paranoia due to the fact that I am out of my comfort zone. Helping to solve my anxiety worry are the addition of the superb second years, that have volunteered to help us with our performance. Their energy and fresh approach has brought a breath of fresh air which is a nice contrast as most of the third years have reached a stressful period in their university life. One week left and I am really excited and nervous what the end result will be.

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